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Check out this video for a basic overview of an audit.


My name is Larry Wallace. I am an expert at diagnosing home performance issues. I have the knowledge, experience,  equipment, passion and willingness to help you resolve your home performance and comfort  issues. Many of my clients have unexplained high electric bills, others have dust issues, others have hot and cold rooms. Indoor Air Quality is a big issue today.  This is my expertise, it's not a part time job. My working relationships and negotiations are extended directly to you.  I can guarantee you a savings or your money back.  I know how homes work. You will too, once the inspection is complete. I offer third party verification services to consumers, contractors, builders, remodelers and utility companies. This service has not been readily available to homeowners, but used by builders for the last 10 years in the construction process. Now, you can get it! Contact me on my cell now @ 214-762-0197 for help.

Home Energy Audit
Check below to see if there are incentives available to you. If there are, contact us, we can help you expedite them.
Home Energy Audit

If you purchase an energy-efficient product or renewable energy system for your home, you may be eligible for Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency. Check out the following links from ENERGY STAR and the Department of Energy for more details.

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