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Home Energy Audit

Attic Inspections

Home Energy Audit

What's in your attic? There are a lot of answers to what's going on with your home in the attic, many times, covered with insulation or buried among the storage boxes, and even around the furnace,fireplace and attic access area. Open chases in the attic allow cold air to creep into your home during the winter and causes drafts. We inspect attics and crawlspaces.

Home Energy Audit

Energy Loss

We can identify why your energy bill is more than your neighbors. We can show you why your rooms are not heating and cooling properly. Energy loss is something we take seriously. Maintaing your temperatue in your home is the key to controlling energy loss. We can show you exactly HOW to do that.

Hers Rater

We can help with Resnet HERS scores, V3 Energy Star inspections, IC3 certificates, RemRate reports, permit affidavits, and energy modeling.

Home Energy Audit

Duct Testing

Leaky ducts can be the cause of high utility bills, dust in your home, and be the reason you are having indoor air quality issues. If you or someone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma or experiencing breathing issues, a duct test may be what you need to diagnose the problems you are having.

Home Energy Audit

HomeEnergy    Check-Up

We offer comprehensive home energy audits which can reveal a  list of priorities to address the pre existing conditions in your home which are causing heating, cooling and  comfort issues as well as possible air quality and health issues. Call us today @ 972-423-2500.

Home Energy Audit

Hot/cold rooms

If you have hot and cold rooms and no one has ever bothered to tell you why, call us now. By scheduling an appointment, you can get answers that most technicians and sales people don't want you to know. Arm yourself with knowledge before you call another service company .

Home Energy Audit

Dusty Home

Home Energy Audit

Infrared Test

Would you consider your home dusty?  A dusty home is a sign of infiltration and/or duct leakage issues. Do you notice dust on your clothes in your master closet? Have you noticed that the dust just keeps coming back, no matter what you do? We can put a stop to that, call us now for a diagnosis once and for all.

We have this fancy, high tech infrared camera. You can use it for free during our home energy audit. It can help with identifying low levels of insulation, moisture related issues, and places where your home is losing energy. We use testing equipment, but for some, the camera is the key. It's more of a sale tool than a diagnostic tool for many guys. Don't be fooled.

Home Energy Audit


Windows and doors are a key area of heat loss. Unless your windows were installed after 2001, they are most likely inefficient, have clear glass, instead of the new high tech Cardinal 366 LowE, double pane glass that reflects heat in the summer and helps retain it during the winter. All  windows are Made in Texas.

Dallas Energy Inspection

We perform energy inspections in the City of Dallas as a third party. code compliance energy inspector. Call to schedule your energy inspection today. We can get your affidavits to keep your job moving.

Air Quality Test

Suffering from allergies, asthma, headaches, stuffiness or otherwise uncomfortable with your home air quality? Maybe you just need peace of mind to know what you're breathing? I can help you.

Click on the link above for info on Energy Efficient Mortgages and Energy Improvement Mortgages. Once you're done, come back to our site and we can help you with the process.

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