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"We love the work you and your team did. The house is much more comfortable and efficient."

"Thank  you for the energy audit and weatherization services you provided. Right off he bat, I want to say WOW! Before the audit we were using a ridiculous amount of energy. The A/C unit would run all day long and never get below 82 degrees. It was miserable. I had insomnia, our pets were distressed, and no idea how we were going to continue to pay the high electric bills. We had Reliant and were paying between $300-$400 each month during June, July and August. After the audit and weatherization, our house now remains at a constant 78 degrees. The unit turns off now for the first time since we moved in. Our consumption was reduced by 1/3 the first week alone. My bill is now half of our highest bill. Thank you, I cannot tell you how grateful we are. You were very professional and went above and beyond your call of duty. Thanks again."

"We appreciate the meticulous audit you did of our home, can't wait to see how the bills compare year to year. We can tell the difference already in the air flow and temperature inside our home. Thanks again and I'll be passing your name around to anyone I know who wants to lower their energy costs."

"Larry, you are such a pleasure to work with. It is rare to find someone as dedicated and passionate about their job as you are. We noticed a difference in our home immediately. Thanks again for your help. My husband and I are both very grateful for everything that you have done."

From the owner: These are typical of letters we have been getting from clients as we have improved the efficiency, air quality and comfort in homes. If you want to experience what these homeowners have, contact us. We can help you too. We are grateful, just like these homeowners are. Thank you customers for your kind and honest words.

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